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  1. Maisto, et al. v. State of New York

    July 22, 2020CaseThe Education Policy Center
  2. Salim Adrianza et al. v. Trump et al.

    August 18, 2020CaseImmigrants' Rights, Immigration Reform
  3. Jones et al. v Stanford

    March 12, 2020CaseFreedom of Speech and Religion
  4. Onosamba-Ohindo v. Barr

    March 11, 2020CaseImmigrants' Rights, Detention and Due Process, Immigration Reform
  5. Lewis-McCoy et al. v Department of Homeland Security

    February 10, 2020CaseImmigrants' Rights, Immigrant Driver Licenses
  6. Saravia v. Sessions

    September 1, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights, Due Process and Justice, Detention and Due Process, Family Separation
  7. Payne et al. v de Blasio et al.

    October 26, 2020CasePolice Accountability, Protest in New York City, Protest Rights