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  1. There's No Such Thing as 'Consensual Sex' When a Person Is in Police Custody

    February 23, 2018News updatePolice Accountability, Women's Equality
  2. Denying Care, Provoking Fear: Immigrant Women’s Health & Rights Under Trump

    March 20, 2018Event
  3. More Guns Won’t Make Schools Safer

    February 27, 2018News updateSchool-to-Prison Pipeline
  4. Women's Agenda 2018

    February 28, 2018PublicationComprehensive Sex Education, Access to Contraception, Women's Equality, Abortion Rights and Access, Reproductive Rights and Justice
  5. TSA Tests See-Through Scanners on Public in New York’s Penn Station

    March 2, 2018News updateBiometric Privacy
  6. NYCLU Urges Mayor to Declare Amnesty for Students Participating in March 14 Walkouts

    March 6, 2018Press releaseSchool-to-Prison Pipeline
  7. The 2018 Kharas and Seidenberg Awards Dinner: Defending Our Democracy

    April 13, 2018Event
  8. Report finds Tens of Thousands of New Yorkers Jailed Because of Unaffordable Bail

    March 13, 2018Press releaseDue Process and Justice
  9. NYCLU Asks Appeals Court to Expand Ruling Against Unaffordable Bail

    March 16, 2018Press releaseDue Process and Justice
  10. Navigating the River of Dreams Discussion

    April 21, 2018Event