The State Senate has agreed to vote on the same-sex marriage bill before the year is through. Let's make sure they keep their promise. Happy Thanksgiving from the NYCLU!

As New York's turkey families gather 'round tables this year, Some will be missing their holiday cheer. Yes, they'll be thankful for much, it's a fact, But the New York State Senate—it refuses to act To let turkey families of the same-sex feather Just sign a paper saying, "We gobble together."

Same-sex turkey families only want basic rights, But New York's turkey senators would rather pick fights Over selfish fowl coups and political squabble, Ignoring the masses: "Treat us fair! Gobble! Gobble!"

So as you dig into your Thanksgiving plate, Send a quick little note to the reps of our state. Tell them, all turkey families deserve respect—yours and mine, And to vote yes on marriage in 2009.

By this time next year, we'll be thankful of The rights of all turkeys To marry the ones they love.