The military's four major branches have many different ways of training their recruiters--and many of those methods are written down in training manuals, presentations, and other materials that resourceful activists and lawyers have obtained and examined. Some of those materials are available here:
  • Download these two Department of Defense (DOD) commissioned training sessions for its employees on how to market the military to Latinos and African Americans. Recruiting Latinos and recruiting African Americans. The military is using tax dollars to target students of color and the training that recruiters receive on how to recruit students of color is based in stereotypes and racism.
  • The Department of Defense insists on collecting racial and ethnic data as part of its Joint Advertising Marketing Research & Studies (JAMRS) database. While they won't specifically explain why this data is necessary, some of the recruiter training materials can help us to begin to answer those questions.
  • Download the Army's high school recruiting manual from