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Military Recruitment School Policies

Military Recruitment School Policies

A written policy serves to ensure a safe and secure learning environment by informing principals, school staff, parents and students of their rights and responsibilities in regards to military recruitment activities.

Does your school have a policy? Find out, and let us know. Email policies or questions to

Want to help your school get a policy? Check out our model policy (link), based off of successful policies from around the country.

Current Policies:
New York City

New York State

Those should both link to new sites:
1. NYC – Principal Directive 2008
“” 2007

2. NYS – Rochester
Capital Region
If you don’t see your school, then add it! Find out what your policy is today.

Download this letter (link to: letterToSchools) to send to your principal, asking them about your school policy and about their rights and obligations regarding military recruitment

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