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The Irondequoit Police Department provided 140 Use of Force Reports for incidents between January 2012 and October 2015. Of these, 58 incidents, or 41%, resulted in suspect sustained injuries, none of which were fatal. Two uses of force involved a firearm, 30 involved a Taser, and 10 involved pepper spray.

Of individuals against whom force was used, 55% were white and 81% were men. All races and genders sustained injuries at roughly the same rate (between 38% and 42% of incidents). Twenty-one people who had force used against them exhibited signs of mental health issues, seven of whom sustained officer-inflicted injuries.

The Police Department produced some basic training materials on communication de-escalation, but only in the context of interactions with people in emotional distress. These policies discuss various levels of force but could better emphasize the need to use the minimum amount of force necessary only after attempting to de-escalate the encounter.

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