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NYCLU Board Member Patricia Perry Testifies On Victims’ Rights Amendment to U.S. Constitution

The Senate Judiciary Committee today held a hearing on the proposed victims’ rights amendment to the U.S. Constitution. One of the key witnesses was Patricia Perry, a member of the NYCLU board and mother of John Perry, a police officer and NYCLU board member and a cooperating attorney who died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11.

The American Civil Liberties Union said that the latest incarnation of the so-called “victims’ rights” constitutional amendment, subject of a Senate hearing today, threatens the system of checks and balances in the nation’s criminal justice system.

“Although we all want to ensure the needs of crime victims are taken into account in our criminal justice system, we agree with many prosecutors and victims’ groups who believe that eroding the protections that keep innocent Americans out of jail is not the way to go,” said Terri Ann Schroeder, an ACLU Legislative Representative.

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