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NYCLU Challenges City On Detention Site For Arrested Protesters

The NYCLU is concerned that individuals arrested during RNC protests are being held in unsafe conditions at the Pier 57 holding facility.

Pier 57, a former New York City bus depot on Manhattan’s Westside, has been used as one of the central detention sites for the more than 1,000 protesters arrested prior to and during the Republican National Convention. The NYCLU has been disturbed to learn that many of those held at the facility have reported respiratory problems, rashes, and chemical burns upon their release. Moreover, they have been held without adequate access to food and water for periods of up to 30 hours.

The NYCLU is moving quickly to address this situation and is in the process of documenting as many cases of mistreatment as possible. The organization is urging anyone who was arrested and held at Pier 57 and has complaints about the conditions under which he or she was held, should call the NYCLU as soon as possible at 212 629 3011.

The NYCLU is in contact with the Department of Health, street medic teams, and environmental advocates. The NYCLU also has written a letter to Mayor Bloomberg asking for an immediate assessment of conditions at the facility to determine whether it should no longer be used to house arrestees.

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