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NYCLU Comment on NY’s Challenge to Trump Administration’s Rollback of Fair Housing Act

Broadway Triangle
NEW YORK – The New York Civil Liberties Union joined Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference today announcing legal action to challenge the Trump administration’s suspension of enforcement regulations for the Fair Housing Act. New York State today joined the American Civil Liberties Union’s federal lawsuit seeking to restore regulations requiring localities to affirmatively pursue fair housing policies that address persistent segregation.
New York Civil Liberties Union executive director Donna Lieberman made the following comments at the press conference:
“Fifty years after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, New York neighborhoods remain starkly divided along racial lines. Deeply entrenched housing segregation not only affects the daily lives of New Yorkers, but persists across generations. 
“It is unconscionable that the Trump administration is rolling back an effort to enforce one of the most critical protections of the civil rights era. To break the cycle of segregation and protect our most vulnerable New Yorkers, we must challenge the Trump administration’s latest effort to undermine equality and fair housing.”
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