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NYCLU Statement on Plan to Expand Domestic Terrorism Policing in NY

NEW YORK – Yesterday, Governor Hochul announced new measures in the wake of the tragic shooting in Buffalo this weekend — including plans to expand the scope of red-flag laws, to create a new law enforcement unit to track extremism online, and to investigate online platforms. In response to the executive orders, the New York Civil Liberties Union issued the following statement from Executive Director Donna Lieberman:

“The horror of the white supremacist attack on community members at the only supermarket in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo will stay with us for a long time — our hearts are with the victims and their grieving families and community. While we must act to root out white supremacist violence, we’ve seen the same law enforcement that has failed to take white supremacy seriously wield domestic terrorism policies against Black communities through hyper-surveillance and policing. The Buffalo community has consistently called for meaningful investments — from addressing food deserts and funding schools to ending highway construction that segregates and pollutes communities. We should heed that call.”

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