Stand with Trans Athletes in Nassau County

Nassau County is trying to ban teams that allow trans women and girls on women’s teams from County facilities. Meet the team that is fighting back.

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The Roller Derby Team Fighting For Trans Rights

Learn about the team that is banding together and fighting transphobic attacks.

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Anti-Trans Executive Order

In February 2024, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman signed an executive order banning transgender girls and women from participating in any sports at county-run facilities.

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Long Island Roller Rebels v. Blakeman

In March, the NYCLU and the Long Island Roller Rebels sued Nassau County. In May the court struck down Bruce Blakeman’s discriminatory ban. But now Nassau County has announced a new anti-trans sport bill.

Protestors in front of the Nassau County Legislature holding signs that read,
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Long Island Roller Rebels v. Nassau County

After Blakeman’s order was struck down in court, the Nassau County legislature passed a discriminatory law that once again shuts trans people out of public spaces.

The NYCLU and the Long Island Roller Rebels sued Nassau County for the second time. We won't let this kind of hate go unchallenged.

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Long Island Roller Rebels - Bratzilla


She / They
Position: Pivot

"The Derby community is the most special, unique, punk, alternative.

It’s unlike any other sports community that I’m aware of.

All of my teammates are baddies."

Long Island Roller Rebels - Biscuits & Crazy

Biscuits & Crazy

She / Her
Position: Blocker

"I have found my family here.

My kid’s emergency contact at daycare besides my spouse and I is one of my former derby teammates."

Roller Rebels Player - Catastrophic Danger

Catastrophic Danger

She / Her
Position: Pivot

"As a parent, I want my kids to look at a team and say I’m welcome there.

A little girl who might not fit into the world doesn’t realize that there is a world waiting for her that she belongs to."

Roller Rebels Player - Curly Fry

Curly Fry

They / Them
Position: Blocker

"Roller derby is one of those sports where you can join as an adult and you never had to have played a sport in your life, but we still welcome you."

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Rally at the Nassau County Legislature

June 24, 2024: Protestors gather in front of the Nassau County Legislature to voice their opposition to the anti-trans sports bill.

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