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Comments on the NYPD Disciplinary Matrix

The NYPD’s long-overdue creation of a disciplinary matrix is an important step, but one that must be viewed in the proper context. The NYPD lacks the commitment to accountability that is a necessary precursor to this or any matrix operating effectively. Simply accepting rules that were written by the NYPD and subject to the Commissioner’s unilateral ability to apply, reject, or modify would undercut the independence and credibility of the CCRB as an oversight agency. The NYCLU urges the CCRB to take seriously the criticisms of this matrix from the communities most directly impacted by police violence and to respond with public advocacy for a stronger matrix. Rather than simply accept an NYPD-generated formula, the CCRB must demand stronger accountability mechanisms and aggressively counter any efforts by the NYPD to use this or any matrix to justify their continued unwillingness to hold officers accountable.

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