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Testimony Regarding the Public Meeting Frequency Resolution

For decades now, the Board of Correction has provided the bare minimum in supplying transparency, accountability, and oversight of New York City Jails. Public meetings are a core component of the Board’s work. Frequent open meetings give incarcerated New Yorkers and their loved ones a chance to have their voices heard. In turn, these meetings play a critical role in educating the public and the Board itself on current issues in New York City Jails.

By decreasing the number of annual meetings to six meetings per year, the Board’s Public Meeting Frequency Resolution would significantly hinder the free-flowing exchange of current information. Any alleged efficiency gains would come at a great cost to incarcerated New Yorkers and to the public. To that end, the NYCLU strongly urges this Board to reject the March 14, 2023 Public Meeting Frequency Resolution. 



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