How We Work

There is no one path toward justice and liberty. The NYCLU calls out power and brings in partners. We bridge divides, yet hold to principle. We demand the world we need and seize opportunity in the world we have. Find out more about how the NYCLU leverages the courts, the state house, and local offices to challenge power at its source, and how we engage our communities for change.

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Whether at the town council or the state capitol, we fight for laws and policies that advance justice and liberty. With offices across New York and a major presence in Albany, we push lawmakers and leaders, evaluate proposed legislation, and draft justice-forward bills. Our policy work has led to wins on abortion rights, criminal system reforms, police transparency, voter protections, and much more.

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We’re in the courts to defend New Yorkers’ rights and set new legal standards. Our lawsuits matter because of the wrongs they right, the people they protect, and the doctrines they establish. Our strategic litigation has led the way on police reform and transparency, humane conditions in jails, voter access, free speech, fair housing, and much more.

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We’re challenging power and demanding change at the state house, city hall, local offices, and in the streets. Take action on some of today’s most important fights by exploring our major campaigns.

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New Yorkers who know their rights can better protect themselves and their communities. Explore our resources to power-up on knowledge.

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Get the latest insights, analysis, and stories from our experts on the fight for justice in New York. Read our commentary, listen to our podcast, and explore our reports on the latest issues affecting New Yorkers.

As bold as the spirit of New York, we are the NYCLU.
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