Strengthening Democracy

Participation drives our democracy. We’re fighting to ensure New Yorkers can make their voices heard in the streets and counted at the ballot box, and that we have a public education system that protects and empowers students to get involved.

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By the Numbers


Voting is fundamental to a healthy, functioning democracy. But only 18 percent of New Yorkers voted last Election Day, one of the lowest turnout rates in the country.


Half of Black high school students go through metal detectors in New York City, but only 14% of white high schoolers do. Schools should be inclusive and supportive spaces for all.


Nearly 1,500 books were banned during the 2023 school year, including in New York. School libraries should be inclusive places for ideas — not censorship.


Free Speech and Palestine/Israel

New Yorkers must be allowed to speak out on the biggest issues of the day, including Israel and Palestine. That’s why we’ve sued Columbia University, raised alarms over police treatment of protesters, and defended students suspended for pro-Palestine views. We’re ensuring politicians and institutions can’t choose whose voices are heard.

Our Approach

Know Your Rights

You have rights while protesting, attending school, accessing health care, voting, and more. Empower yourself by learning more about your rights, how to exercise them, and what to do when they are violated.

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Our Approach


Get the latest insights, analysis, and stories from our experts on the fight for justice in New York. Read our commentary, listen to our podcast, and explore our reports on the latest issues affecting New Yorkers.

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Our Approach


Whether at the town council or the state capitol, we fight for laws and policies that advance justice and liberty. With offices across New York and a major presence in Albany, we push lawmakers and leaders, evaluate proposed legislation, and draft justice-forward bills. Explore our policy memos, testimonies, comments, and more.

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Our Approach

Court Cases

When New Yorkers’ rights are under attack, we file suit. Our casework in state and federal courts delivers justice for our clients, advances legal understandings of civil rights and liberties in our state, and protects the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Explore our case history to learn more.

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