Nassau County Office

Nassau County

What We Do

The Nassau County Office of the New York Civil Liberties Union serves more than one million people in Nassau County on Long Island. We are dedicated to safeguarding the liberties and rights of the people we serve through advocacy, litigation, legislative action and public education. We are involved in state and national issues, with a special focus on members of the communities in Nassau County.

  • Public Education: This office provides programs for local schools, community groups, and professionals on such subjects as Immigration Rights, Know Your Rights with the Police, How to Lobby, Dignity for all Student’s Act, and more.
  • Legislative Advocacy: The office is very involved in advocating for the passage of statewide and local legislation concerning policing transparency and accountability, transgender equality rights, reproductive rights, voting rights, criminal justice reform and more. We are always in need of people willing to visit their local New York State assembly members and Senators both in-district and for lobby trips to Albany. We send action alerts and e-mails and you can sign up to become an e-activist below.
  • Protect Protest: The Nassau County Regional office has a small team of trained protest monitors who observe protests to protect First Amendment Rights. You can sign up to be on the team and we’ll arrange for a training.
  • Shining Light on Government: We are constantly trying to shine a light on local government to keep them honest. We need your help in attending your local town board meetings to alert us about upcoming legislation that could infringe on civil liberties. You can sign up today as a local monitor and we’ll train you to spot the civil liberties issues.
  • Advocacy and Direct Action: The Director of the Nassau Region builds important relationships with state and local elected officials to keep the doors of communication open toward policy change. We also engage in direct action protests to keep the public pressure on those in power while partnering with community organizations around Long Island.

How To Get Involved

  • Become a Member: When you become a member of the Nassau Regional office, you receive a simultaneous membership in the NYCLU and the ACLU. Office members receive the NYCLU and ACLU newsletters as well as a periodic announcement of office events and programs.
  • Volunteer: We are an organization of committed volunteers with a wide range of professional experience, some are college students, some clergy, some teachers, lawyers, social workers, business people, and retirees. Get in touch with us at and we’ll reach out and start to bring you in.

Advisory Board Members

The Nassau Advisory Board Members provide direction, support and expertise to the Nassau Director. Many of them spent their lives building the office and are the keepers of its’ institutional memory and its’ soul. Through commitment and dedication to social justice and the Nassau Regional Office, you too can become a core contributor to the Nassau NYCLU family.

Andrea Libresco, Ed.D, Professor of social studies education and civic engagement, Hofstra University

Dominick S. Cardinale, Attorney at Law

Dr. Parveen Chopra, Former Nassau County Commissioner of Human Rights/Former Nassau County Commissioner of Planning

Janice Moore-Caputo, Pastor, Community Presbyterian Church of Malverne, and North Shore Presbyterian Church, Great Neck

Linda Leaf, Former Director, Open Island, Nassau County Human Rights Commission

Michael D’Innocenzo, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, Hofstra University

Steve Goodman, Rabbi, Garden City Jewish Center

Shaireen Rasheed, Ph.D, Professor of Philosophical Foundations, Race, and Social Justice, Long Island University, Post Campus

Terrence Kelleher, Journalist

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