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Schenectady Police Department


Following the repeal of New York Civil Rights Law Section 50-a –which kept the disciplinary records of police officers hidden from the public — vast amounts of police records and data became publicly available. As a part of our statewide campaign to hold police departments accountable, we’ve filed numerous Freedom of Information Law requests with police departments across the state. We seek and analyze public records so we can shine a light on what types of misconduct complaints are being filed, against whom, and what police departments do when those complaints are substantiated. This helps us get a sense of the nature and scale of misconduct and what happens to officers who abuse New Yorkers.

Unfortunately, despite the repeal of 50-a, many police departments continue to drag their feet and refuse to turn over all of the information New Yorkers have a right to see.

The Schenectady Police Department turned over 5,089 records pertaining to disciplinary actions, officer use of force, civilian complaints, investigative reports, and officer policies and procedures.

You can view the documents here:

Disciplinary Records

Use-of-Force Records

Civilian Complaints

Stop Records

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Updated 2-29-23

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