Abortion Rights Are Under Attack

The recent Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court ruling has done what feels unimaginable for many of us – Roe v. Wade has been overturned completely in the United States. Millions of people have already been affected by this devastating ruling and will be forced to continue their pregnancies against their will.

With abortion now illegal across 26 states, we need to ensure that New York won’t back down in the fight for reproductive rights. We spent a decade fighting to pass the Reproductive Health Act because we saw this coming, and now we need to ensure access to abortions for Americans all across the country. It won’t be easy, but it is essential. People across the country in need of abortions will look to states like New York to provide them fundamental medical care. Many of them do not have the means to travel or fund their own abortions. This is especially true for communities with disproportionate barriers to care: young, poor, gender non-conforming and trans communities, and Black and Brown people.

We can’t let them down. And we can’t do it alone. Our longstanding partnerships with direct service and logistical support organizations around the state are more valuable than ever, as they struggle to meet ever increasing demand for care.

For this reason, we recommend you give now, and give to multiple complementary organizations to make the most impact. Your donations to service providers will make a real difference directly covering costs that are prohibiting people who need abortions from accessing them right now. And, a donation to the NYCLU will help us fight for policies and legislation that fund abortions within the state budget and protect providers, ensuring abortion access across the state for years to come. Together, we can fight to preserve this fundamental right.


Fund Abortions

Support The New York Abortion Access Fund.



The New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF) supports anyone connected to New York facing barriers to paying for an abortion. They ensure that no one in New York is denied abortion because they can’t afford it by providing funding to cover their clients' abortions directly to clinics. NYAAF is able to meet 100% of need, 100% of the time — and with your support, is determined to continue doing so even in the face of extreme abortion restrictions. 

NYAAF provides an essential safety net for New Yorkers. Even in a state with Medicaid coverage for abortion, far too many people continue to fall through the cracks — from folks with low incomes who are not eligible for Medicaid to young people, domestic violence survivors, undocumented folks, people with disabilities, and more. What's more, one in five requests for funding over the past year came from people outside of New York. NYAAF only anticipates this need growing. According to the Guttmacher institute, when Roe falls, New York State will be the closest option for an abortion for up to 210,000 additional people of reproductive age. 

We're witnessing a historic and unprecedented need in New York. Over the past year, NYAAF's volunteer collective pledged over $720,000 directly to people most impacted by discriminatory and stigmatizing policies that restrict abortion. This is an unprecedented increase in abortion funding and is especially notable given that Roe is still the law of the land. They expect caller volume to increase exponentially once the final decision comes down. NYAAF faces a budget gap and hopes to raise an additional $500,000 to field the needs of the anticipated up to 210,000 people who may need to travel to New York to get care, and seeks your support in ensuring that together we can meet people most impacted by anti-abortion policies with the compassion and care that all of us deserve.

Learn more and donate at www.nyaaf.org/donate/.  For questions and to discuss the impact of your generosity, please contact maddy@nyaaf.org and puja@nyaaf.org

Fund Travel

Support The Brigid Alliance.


Brigid Alliance

The Brigid Alliance arranges and funds confidential, personalized travel support to those traveling long distances to seek abortion care in increasingly hostile environments. With abortion now illegal in 26 states, helping people travel to states like New York to access abortions is more urgent and necessary than ever before.  

A referral-based service, The Brigid Alliance works with independent and nationally affiliated clinics, abortion funds, local and regional practical support organizations, and volunteer groups to help abortion patients who are traveling long distances to reach their appointments. Their staff is trained to provide non-judgmental, trauma-informed, compassionate support by arranging customized and fully funded travel itineraries for each client, with consideration of distance and local transportation, accommodations, meals, child care, and other associated travel costs like gas, tolls, parking, mobile phones, and more.  

They are a crucial part of the reproductive health ecosystem connecting the geographic and metaphorical dots between policy, providers, practice, and patient. 

By alleviating the logistical barriers and financial obstacles of access to care, the Brigid Alliance is ensuring that everyone has access to abortions—no matter where they live. 

Ensure and Expand Reproductive Rights

Support the NYCLU.


NYCLU logo

The NYCLU is fighting tirelessly in Albany, in the courtroom, and out in the streets to demand four key actions state lawmakers must take to protect and expand abortion, reproductive rights, and reproductive justice in New York: 

  1. Protect pregnant people in the state constitution from discrimination and criminalization.
  2. Fund abortions for those who cannot afford care and expand funding for abortion providers.
  3. Protect providers, helpers, and patients from the threat of litigation or prosecution for providing care.
  4. Increase hospital transparency so New Yorkers know where care is available.

We know abortions save lives. We know abortions are essential healthcare. And we know that forcing people to continue their pregnancies against their will is a fundamental violation, one that has and continues to rob women of agency over their own lives. A violation that will disproportionately impact the people who already faced barriers to accessing abortion even when it was a protected right: poor, young, gender non-conforming and trans communities, Black and Brown people. Every day, NYCLU fights to defend and promote the fundamental freedoms of New Yorkers and all Americans. But we can’t do it without your help. If you are able, join us in action today with a meaningful donation. Let’s make New York a beacon of abortion access for all.