Zamara Perez Rockefeller Drug Laws I loved coming home from school spending time with my step-father. He was so nice to me. He was like the father I never had in my life. He replaced my father's image because as a little girl my biological father was never there for me. He always use to buy me everything I wanted and everything I needed. Every time summer time he always used to take me to a trip along with my mother to the Caribbean. It was beautiful I love him and I still do till this day... All this was going on until one day I came home from school and I found my mother crying on the couch…As she started to tell me thick tears rolled from her eyes down to her cheeks. She told me that my step father had been taken away by the police and that he was never coming back to stay with us. When she told me this my heart stopped moving, I stopped breathing and I screamed so hard I felt a knot in my stomach. I cried and cried so much. I thought to myself “who is going to be my daddy now?” I needed him by my side, he was more than a father to me... My mom was one month pregnant with my baby sister when my step father went to jail. For her it was as hard as for me to deal with this problem... It's a sad story to tell too because all those years he was sentenced my little sister was born and didn't have a father around for her even though he called and checked up on her.