Going to a demonstration in New York City? Know your rights! The New York Civil Liberties Union has two guides that can help you know what to do if you're protesting or if you have a police interaction. Palm Card: Demonstrating in New York City (2009)

New Yorkers have the right to engage in peaceful, protest activity on public sidewalks, in public parks and on public streets in New York City. This includes the right to distribute handbills or leaflets; the right to hold press conferences, demonstrations and rallies; and the right to march on public sidewalks and in public streets. The city can and does impose certain restrictions on these activities, and in some instances one must obtain a permit before engaging in certain activity. This brochure is intended to inform New Yorkers of the basic rules governing demonstration activity.


Palm Card: What to Do If You're Stopped by the Police (English and Spanish) (2011)

We all recognize the need for effective law enforcement, but we should also understand our own rights and responsibilities — especially in our interactions with the police.

This card tells you what to do if you are stopped, arrested, or injured in your encounter with the police, and how to file a complaint.

Keep the card handy! If you have a police encounter, you can protect yourself.

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