Edition Updated October 2018

Teenagers often do not get the health care they need. Decades of research shows that a major barrier is adolescents’ fear that health care providers will disclose confidential information to parents or guardians. In many circumstances, however, the law allows teens to obtain medical treatment without parents’ involvement or knowledge, including reproductive or mental health care.

Teenagers, Health Care, and the Law explains teenagers’ rights to make their own medical decisions under New York State and federal law. It is designed to be an aid to minors and professionals who work with young people, such as social workers, counselors, teachers, and medical providers. Teenagers, Health Care, and the Law is currently available for download in English, with an updated Spanish version forthcoming.

Please note that we are currently unable to ship physical copies of Teenagers, Health Care, and the Law while our physical offices are closed due to COVID-19. Please reach out to ocunningham@nyclu.org with any questions.