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  1. Settlement Paves Way for Equal Treatment of LGBTQ Students at Buffalo High School

    September 5, 2017Press releaseLGBTQ Rights, The Education Policy Center
  2. NYCLU Statement on Trump Ending DACA

    September 5, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Immigration Reform
  3. Solitary Confinement in New York Prisons Drops in First Year of NYCLU Settlement

    September 6, 2017Press releaseDue Process and Justice, Racial Justice
  4. New York’s High Court Rejects Right to Peaceful Death

    September 7, 2017Press releaseDue Process and Justice
  5. NYCLU Warns Nassau County Against Pulling Roger Waters Performances over Political Views

    September 12, 2017Press releaseFreedom of Speech and Religion
  6. NYCLU Statement on the Death of Edie Windsor

    September 12, 2017Press releaseLGBTQ Rights, Marriage Equality
  7. Governor Bars State Agents from Seeking or Disclosing Immigration Status 

    September 15, 2017Press release
  8. Report: Police Departments Statewide Withhold Critical Information from the Public

    September 18, 2017Press releasePolice Accountability, Due Process and Justice
  9. Black Intelligence Detectives Bring Federal Suit Over Bias in NYPD Promotions

    September 25, 2017Press releasePolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  10. NYCLU Statement on President Trump’s New Travel Ban Restrictions

    September 25, 2017Press releaseImmigrants' Rights, Freedom of Speech and Religion