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  1. Deconstructing Policing and Prosecution in Suffolk County, 1640–2019

    September 21, 2019Event
  2. Testimony Regarding the Land Use Permit Applications for the Borough-Based Jail System

    September 5, 2019PublicationCriminal Justice Reform, Detention and Due Process, Rights of Incarcerated People
  3. New Policy Curbs NYPD's Role in Schools

    September 5, 2019News updateSchool-to-Prison Pipeline, Education , Technology in Schools
  4. NY Jail Forced a Trans Woman Into a Men’s Facility

    September 3, 2019News updateLGBTQ Rights, Rights of Incarcerated People, Transgender Rights
  5. Boycotts and Free Speech

    September 6, 2019Issue
  6. Surveillance of Activists

    September 6, 2019Issue
  7. NYCLU Files Amicus Brief In Support Of Green Light Law

    September 10, 2019Press releaseImmigrant Driver Licenses, Immigrants' Rights
  8. Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Protecting Domestic Violence Survivors and Others in Need of Emergency Assistance

    September 16, 2019Press releasePolice Accountability, Women's Equality
  9. Transforming Policing in New York

    September 16, 2019PublicationPolice Accountability, Civilian Oversight of Police, Racial Justice, Stop-and-Frisk Practices
  10. Support Solutions, Not Suspensions

    September 18, 2019Action