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  1. Comments on the East Ramapo Central School District 2021 Academic and Fiscal Improvement Plan

    October 19, 2021PublicationEducation , Racial Justice, Voting Reform
  2. Testimony on Family Involvement in the Child Welfare System

    October 21, 2021PublicationFamily Separation, Racial Justice
  3. Sign-on Letter: Police in Rochester Schools

    October 28, 2021PublicationSchool-to-Prison Pipeline, Youth Activism, School-to-Deportation Pipeline, Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  4. The Pandemic is No Excuse to Undermine Economic Justice

    October 25, 2021News updateFarmworker Rights, Workers' Rights, Racial Justice
  5. Battling the Backlash to Racial Justice in Schools

    October 1, 2021PublicationEducation , Racial Justice
  6. How the So-Called “Child Welfare System” Hurts Families

    October 29, 2021News updateRacial Justice, Due Process and Justice, Rights of Pregnant and Parenting People, Family Separation