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  1. Legislative Memo: Regarding legislative proposals related to sex offenses (2005)

    April 2, 2007LegislationDue Process and Justice
  2. Legislative Memo: Human Rights Complaints

    January 2, 2008LegislationDue Process and Justice, LGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Rights of People with Disabilities
  3. Legislative Memo: Mandatory Pre-Conviction HIV Testing

    January 2, 2008LegislationDue Process and Justice
  4. Amending the Law to Prohibit Participating in Torture and Improper Treatment of Prisoners by Health Care Officials

    June 14, 2011LegislationDue Process and Justice
  5. Legislative Memo: The Electronic Security and Targeting of Online Predators Act (e-STOP)

    June 1, 2015LegislationLiberty and Technology, Due Process and Justice
  6. Legislative Memo: In Support of Responding to Sexual Violence on College Campuses

    June 15, 2015LegislationDue Process and Justice, Women's Equality
  7. Legislative Memo: Civil Commitment of Sexual Offenders

    April 15, 1998LegislationDue Process and Justice
  8. Legislative Memo: Kendra's Law Bills to Curtail Individual Liberty Unconstitutional

    May 10, 1999LegislationDue Process and Justice
  9. Legislative Memo: NYCLU Strongly Supports Reform of Rockefeller Drug Laws

    May 1, 2000LegislationDue Process and Justice
  10. Legislative Memo: Involuntary Commitment

    April 28, 2000LegislationDue Process and Justice