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  1. Fact Sheet: Electronic Health Records and Your Privacy (2010)

    December 21, 2010Publication
  2. Testimony Regarding the Student Safety Act

    December 16, 2010PublicationRacial Justice, The Education Policy Center, School-to-Prison Pipeline
  3. Testimony Regarding the Implementation of Electronic Health Records and Health Information Technology in New York State

    December 7, 2010PublicationReproductive Rights and Justice
  4. Click With Caution: Online Toolbox Can Throw Wrench Into Your Life

    December 1, 2010PublicationLiberty and Technology
  5. Canned State Labor Department Supervisor Michael Cunningham Sues Over GPS Use in Nabbing Him

    December 7, 2010PublicationLiberty and Technology
  6. New York Civil Liberties Union Sued Over GPS Tracker on Worker’s Car

    December 6, 2010PublicationLiberty and Technology
  7. Govt Forced to Release Docs on Spying Programme

    December 5, 2010PublicationLiberty and Technology
  8. City Will Require Police to Report on School Arrests

    December 20, 2010PublicationThe Education Policy Center