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  1. Learning During a Pandemic: A Back to School Guide For Parents, Educators, and Students

    September 23, 2020PublicationEducation , Technology in Schools
  2. Letter to NYSED Commissioner Betty Rosa on Remote Learning and Right to Education

    October 23, 2020PublicationEducation , Technology in Schools
  3. Testimony on Oversight of “Smart City” Technology

    January 19, 2021PublicationBiometric Privacy, Surveillance of Activists, Police Accountability, Technology in Schools
  4. Stop Student Surveillance (2019)

    April 24, 2019PublicationStudent Surveillance, Education , Biometric Privacy, Technology in Schools
  5. These measures guard against overpolicing during pandemic

    November 3, 2020PublicationPolice Accountability, Police Spying, Education , Biometric Privacy, Technology in Schools, Immigrants' Rights, Immigration Reform, Criminal Justice Reform, Racial Justice
  6. What You Need to Know About New York’s Temporary Ban on Facial Recognition in Schools

    July 2, 2021PublicationBiometric Privacy, Liberty and Technology, Education , Technology in Schools
  7. Comments for White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) on Biometric Tech

    January 14, 2022PublicationTechnology in Schools, Liberty and Technology, Biometric Privacy
  8. EP-6: New York is a Surveillance State

    November 30, 2022PublicationStudent Surveillance, Biometric Privacy, Police Accountability, Surveillance of Activists, Civilian Oversight of Police, Racial Justice, Protest Rights, Liberty and Technology, Technology in Schools, Police Spying