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  1. Op-Ed: Schumer’s ID Plan Violates Basic American Principles (Buffalo News)

    April 9, 2010PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Reject Real ID, Immigration Reform
  2. Op-Ed: Immigration Myths: Facts Underline the Need for Comprehensive Reform (Syracuse Post-Standard)

    April 25, 2010PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Immigration Reform
  3. Op-Ed: Schumer's Plan for Worker ID Cards Would Infringe on Our Privacy (The Journal News)

    May 23, 2010PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Immigration Reform
  4. Op-Ed: Adopt DREAM Act for Undocumented Youth to Attend College (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

    September 18, 2010PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Education , Immigration Reform
  5. Column: Oyster Bay’s Supervisor Shouldn’t Be Setting Immigration Policy (

    February 18, 2010PublicationFreedom of Speech and Religion, Immigrants' Rights, Local Anti-Immigrant Ordinances, Immigration Reform
  6. Op-Ed: Fix Immigration, but Not with E-Verify (Crain's Business)

    May 27, 2013PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Liberty and Technology, Immigration Reform
  7. In Support of New York City Council Resolution 162 Calling on Congress to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    April 26, 2010PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Immigration Reform
  8. Testimony in Support of City Council Bill to Abolish Solitary Confinement in Immigration Detention

    October 24, 2013PublicationDue Process and Justice, Immigration Reform
  9. Testimony Regarding Immigration Detainers

    October 15, 2014PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Immigration Reform
  10. Op-Ed: Give Immigrants Advocates

    June 7, 2017PublicationImmigration Reform