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  1. Legislative Memo: Barring Health Care Professionals from Participating in the Torture or Inappropriate Treatment of Prisoners

    June 1, 2010LegislationDue Process and Justice, Liberty and Technology
  2. Legislative Memo: Bus Lane Cameras

    June 29, 2010LegislationLiberty and Technology
  3. Legislative Memo: Prohibits Possession of Certain Condoms as Evidence

    June 1, 2010LegislationReproductive Rights and Justice, Sexual Health and Privacy
  4. Legislative Memo: State Commission on Personal Privacy

    March 15, 2010Legislation
  5. Legislative Memo: Lawful Possession of Hypodermic Syringes

    February 23, 2010Legislation
  6. Legislative Memo: An Act to Amend the Executive Law

    June 15, 2010LegislationRacial Justice, The Education Policy Center, School-to-Prison Pipeline
  7. Legislative Memo: Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

    February 23, 2010Legislation
  8. Legislative Memo: The Rape Shield Reform Bill

    May 18, 2010LegislationDue Process and Justice
  9. Legislative Memo: Funeral Leave for Same-Sex Partners

    May 18, 2010LegislationLGBTQ Rights
  10. Legislative Memo: An Act Prohibiting the Dissemination of Depictions of Animal Cruelty

    June 24, 2010Legislation