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  1. Legislative Memo: Regarding Strengthening Laws Requiring Equal Pay for Equal Work

    April 21, 2015LegislationWomen's Equality
  2. Legislative Memo: Regarding Ending Sexual Harassment on the Job for Every Employee

    April 29, 2015LegislationWomen's Equality
  3. Legislative Memo: In Support of Prohibiting Employer Discrimination Based on Reproductive Health Care Decisions

    June 4, 2015LegislationReproductive Rights, Women's Equality
  4. Legislative Memo: In Support of Extending the Ability to Enroll in a Health Plan to Pregnant Women

    June 4, 2015LegislationRights of Pregnant and Parenting Women, Women's Equality
  5. Legislative Memo: In Support of Responding to Sexual Violence on College Campuses

    June 15, 2015LegislationDue Process and Justice, Women's Equality
  6. Legislative Memo: Regarding Pregnancy Accommodation

    April 21, 2015LegislationWomen's Equality