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  1. Legislative Memo: Crimes of Violence Against a Fetus

    January 1, 2003LegislationReproductive Rights
  2. Legislative Memo: Medicaid Funding of Abortion

    January 1, 2003LegislationReproductive Rights
  3. In Support of the Reproductive Health Act (S438)

    May 6, 2014LegislationReproductive Rights, Reproductive Health Act
  4. In Support of the Reproductive Services Act

    March 23, 2015LegislationReproductive Rights, Abortion Rights and Access
  5. In Support of Prohibiting Employer Discrimination Based on Reproductive Health Care Decisions

    June 4, 2015LegislationReproductive Rights, Women's Equality
  6. In Support of Clarifying Minors’ Ability to Consent to HIV Treatment

    June 14, 2016LegislationReproductive Rights, Comprehensive Sex Education, Minors Rights, Sexual Health and Privacy
  7. Legislative Memo: Healthy Teens Act

    July 5, 2015LegislationReproductive Rights, The Education Policy Center
  8. Legislative Memo: Emergency Contraception

    July 5, 2015LegislationReproductive Rights
  9. Legislative Memo: Parental Involvement in Minors’ Abortion Decisions

    June 4, 2008LegislationReproductive Rights
  10. Legislative Memo: Emergency Contraception for Rape Survivors

    January 1, 2001LegislationReproductive Rights


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