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  1. NYCLU Analysis Shows Capital Region Schools Disproportionately Suspend Students of Color

    May 22, 2019Press releaseEducation
  2. NYCLU Statement on Lockport School District’s Implementation of Facial Recognition Technology

    May 30, 2019Press releaseEducation , Biometric Privacy
  3. NYCLU Statement on Lockport School District’s Decision to Implement Facial Recognition in Schools

    June 28, 2019Press releaseEducation , Biometric Privacy
  4. The Public Has No Clue How Policing is Impacting New York Schools. And That’s a Big Problem

    March 4, 2019News updateSchool-to-Prison Pipeline, Education
  5. New York’s Specialized High Schools Need More Students Like Obrian

    August 1, 2019News updateEducation , School Integration, Racial Justice
  6. New Policy Curbs NYPD's Role in Schools

    September 5, 2019News updateSchool-to-Prison Pipeline, Education , Technology in Schools
  7. How NYC's Gifted Programs Make Segregation Worse

    September 30, 2019News updateEducation , Racial Justice, School Integration
  8. Sex Ed Saves Lives. Many NY Schools Don’t Teach it

    October 29, 2019News updateComprehensive Sex Education, Education
  9. Why Stopping the School-to-Deportation Pipeline Will Make Schools Safer for Everyone

    February 13, 2019News updateImmigrants' Rights, School-to-Prison Pipeline, Education , School-to-Deportation Pipeline, Family Separation
  10. Recommendations for a Memorandum of Understanding Between Schools and Police

    December 16, 2019PublicationSchool-to-Prison Pipeline, School-to-Deportation Pipeline, Education