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  1. The Equal Rights Amendment

    May 6, 2022PublicationRacial Justice, LGBTQ Rights, Freedom of Speech and Religion, Reproductive Rights and Justice, Transgender Rights, Immigrants' Rights, Women's Equality, Women's Equality Act
  2. Testimony Regarding Oversight of New York City’s Detainer Laws and Related Legislation

    February 15, 2023PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Law Enforcement Working for ICE
  3. Guide: Teenagers, Health Care, and the Law (English and Spanish)

    October 2, 2018PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Reproductive Rights and Justice, Education , Minors' Rights
  4. New York For All

    February 24, 2020PublicationImmigrants' Rights, Law Enforcement Working for ICE, Police Accountability