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  1. We’re Suing the NYPD for its Attacks on Black Lives Matter Protesters

    October 29, 2020News updatePolice Accountability, Racial Justice, Freedom of Speech and Religion, Protest in New York City, Protest Rights
  2. Four Ways NY Must Lead the Way After Trump

    November 30, 2020News updateVoting, Immigrants' Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Police Accountability, Racial Justice, Abortion Rights and Access
  3. Toolkit: The Rights of Trans People Who are Incarcerated

    December 1, 2020PublicationTransgender Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Rights of Incarcerated People, Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  4. In the Fight Between White Supremacy and Racial Justice, Police Play Favorites

    January 12, 2021News updatePolice Accountability, Racial Justice, Protest Rights
  5. Testimony on NYC's Policing Reform Process

    January 11, 2021PublicationCivilian Oversight of Police, Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  6. DeVos Neglected a Critical Civil Rights Program. Biden Could Save it

    January 20, 2021News updateThe Education Policy Center, School-to-Prison Pipeline, School-to-Deportation Pipeline, Racial Justice, Police Accountability
  7. NYCLU Makes 35+ Years of NYPD Misconduct Data Available to Public

    August 20, 2020Press releaseCivilian Oversight of Police, Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  8. NYCLU Statement of Solidarity with Black People Experiencing Police Terror

    May 29, 2020Press releasePolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  9. Poughkeepsie City Council Passes Right to Know Act

    July 13, 2020Press releasePolice Accountability, Racial Justice