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  1. NYCLU Recognizes Landmark Milestones in Police Accountability

    June 12, 2020Press releasePolice Accountability, Civilian Oversight of Police, Due Process and Justice, Racial Justice
  2. Transforming Policing

    September 24, 2019CampaignPolice Accountability
  3. Youth Activism

    August 30, 2011Issue
  4. Defend Liberty And Justice!

    December 30, 2006Page
  5. What the LGBTQ Rights Arguments at the Supreme Court Mean for New Yorkers

    October 11, 2019News updateLGBTQ Rights, Transgender Rights
  6. Testimony on Requiring Visible Shield Numbers and Rank Designations

    June 9, 2020PublicationPolice Accountability, Civilian Oversight of Police, Racial Justice
  7. Voting in New York during COVID-19

    May 29, 2020Campaign
  8. Amicus: People v. Ibarguen

    June 16, 2020PublicationLiberty and Security
  9. Legislative Memo: Making Permanent the Repeal of the “Mask Ban”

    June 16, 2020LegislationRacial Justice, Police Accountability
  10. Coronavirus and the Rights of New Yorkers

    March 19, 2020CampaignThe Education Policy Center, Rights of Incarcerated People, Due Process and Justice, Immigrants' Rights, Law Enforcement Working for ICE