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  1. De Blasio Has the Power to Desegregate NYC's Elite High Schools

    May 13, 2021News updateEducation , Racial Justice
  2. An Historic Police Accountability Case Turns 50

    May 18, 2021News updatePolice Accountability, Police Spying, Racial Justice, Freedom of Speech and Religion, Protest Rights
  3. Separate and Unequal: App-Based Companies’ Scheme to Deny Workers’ Rights

    June 2, 2021News updateWorkers' Rights, Racial Justice
  4. Police Abuse is More Obvious than Ever. Here’s Why

    June 9, 2021News updatePolice Accountability, Racial Justice, Protest Rights
  5. The NYPD can’t Pinkwash its History of LGBTQ+ Violence

    June 22, 2021News updateLGBTQ Rights, Police Accountability, Racial Justice, Transgender Rights
  6. New York Will Offer X Gender Markers on IDs

    July 8, 2021News updateLGBTQ Rights, Racial Justice, Transgender Rights
  7. The Backlash Against Racial Justice Has Come to NY Schools

    July 14, 2021News updateRacial Justice, Education , Police Accountability
  8. De Blasio’s Education Legacy

    August 10, 2021News updateSchool-to-Prison Pipeline, Education , Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  9. To Reduce the Power of Police, We Must Protect Our Privacy

    September 10, 2021News updateLiberty and Technology, Racial Justice, Freedom of Speech and Religion
  10. Why We Must Disband this Protest-Busting NYPD Unit

    September 24, 2021News updateProtest Rights, Police Accountability, Racial Justice, Protest in New York City