Pursuing Justice

Our so-called justice system is anything but. We work to reimagine community safety, hold police accountable, ensure a fair day in court, and protect jailed New Yorkers. We’re also fighting systemic inequities in order to protect New Yorkers’ health, economic security, and well-being.

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By the Numbers


New Yorkers spend $29 million per day on the NYPD, the largest police department in the country, instead of on services that prevent crime.


The NYPD stopped more than one million drivers and passengers in 2022. Ninety-percent of those searched and arrested in NYPD vehicle stops were Black or Latinx.


More than two million New Yorkers have a criminal record, costing them $12.6 billion in reduced earnings every year. We must reduce barriers to reintegrating into communities.


Nearly a third of New York students attend school near a major roadway, forcing them to inhale dangerous toxins every day. Eighty-percent of these students are children of color.

Our Approach


We’re challenging power in the courts, the state house, city hall, local offices, the streets, and more. Take action on some of today’s most important fights by exploring our major campaigns.

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Our Approach


Whether at the town council or the state capitol, we fight for laws and policies that advance justice and liberty. With offices across New York and a major presence in Albany, we push lawmakers and leaders, evaluate proposed legislation, and draft justice-forward bills. Explore our policy memos, testimonies, comments, and more.

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Our Approach

Court Cases

When New Yorkers’ rights are under attack, we file suit. Our casework in state and federal courts delivers justice for our clients, advances legal understandings of civil rights and liberties in our state, and protects the most vulnerable New Yorkers. Explore our case history to learn more.

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