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Immigrant Rights Leader Ravi Ragbir Granted Stay of Deportation

Ravi Ragbir

NEW YORK – Immigrants’ rights leader Ravi Ragbir was granted a stay from deportation following a new first amendment lawsuit brought by the New Sanctuary Coalition and partners challenging the recent targeting of activists by federal immigration authorities. Rabgir, the executive director of the New Sanctuary Coalition, has been a key leader in building a community and a movement to provide support to immigrants facing the prospect of deportation. He was abruptly detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement when he went to his regular check in on January 11. After public outcry and a legal challenge supported by the NYCLU, Ragbir was released from detention but told to report on February 10 to be deported.

The following statement is attributable to Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union: “Today advocates for fair and just immigration policies prevailed as Ravi Ragbir, a community leader and our friend, was granted a stay from deportation as the court reviews a challenge to the recent targeting of activists by federal immigration officials.

Ravi has been a force for good in our community for years, and has done all that the government has asked. Yet ICE has tried to force him to leave without even the time to settle family, personal and professional affairs. People who have been allowed to work and build a life here for years should not be suddenly torn away from their homes.

Ravi’s arrest and pending deportation is part of a disturbing pattern in which ICE is targeting people who speak out against the Trump administration’s immigration policies. But the community is fighting back both in the courts and in the streets. They cannot deport an immigrants’ rights movement with such momentum behind it.”


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