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New Yorkers Tell Ashcroft: “Hands Off Our Bill Of Rights!”

On Tuesday, September 9, Attorney General Ashcroft will visit New York City to attend a closed meeting with law enforcement officials to build support for the USA PATRIOT Act and impending Patriot II legislation. Hundreds of New Yorkers will meet his arrival to tell John Ashcroft to stop his attack on the Bill of Rights and to affirm and uphold our rights and liberties.

Join the New York Bill of Rights Defense Campaign and a coalition of dozens of civil liberties, immigrants’ rights, peace and justice organizations, and political leaders on Tuesday, September 9, at 12 noon at Wall Street and Broad Street for a rally for the Bill of Rights.

Rally for the Bill of Rights
Tuesday, September 9, at 12 Noon
Wall Street and Broad Street, next to the New York Stock Exchange

Click here to get a PDF version of our flyer for you to print out or email to your friends and colleagues. (Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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