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NYC Council To Vote On Bill Of Rights Resolution Monday Afternoon 12/15

After extensive negotiations, hearings and a massive outpouring of grassroots supports — through rallies, press conferences, phone calls, emails, faxes and individual lobbying — Resolution 909 to Defend the Bill of Rights is scheduled for a vote by the NY City Council on Monday afternoon December 15, the 212th anniversary of the Bill of Rights.

We are confident that it will pass by a hefty majority. More than 32 of the 51 members of the Council are sponsoring the resolution and the Speaker has agreed to support the final resolution.

The resolution is one of the strongest and most comprehensive in the nation.

The NYCLU’s Bill of Rights Campaign spearheaded the campaign. NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman said, “We are pleassed that a huge majority — 32 out of 51 members — of the City Council has signed on to sponsor the resolution. New Yorkers are fed up with the needless erosion of our fundamental rights.”

She added, “The Bill of Rights Defense campaign, led by NYCLU campaign director Udi Ofer, grass roots leader Glenn Devitt, and NYCLU legislative counsel Bob Perry, and organized by hundreds of dedicated volunteers, has made an extraordinary contribution to the future of civil liberties and civil rights.” She also praised the leadership of prime resolution sponsor Bill Perkins and Councilmember Christine Quinn, who played a pivotal role in final negotiations, and added, “We look forward to a vote on Monday.”

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