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NYCLU And Third World Newsreel Release New Film On Protecting Protest At The RNC

The New York Civil Liberties Union has joined Third World Newsreel to produce a new 30-minute documentary about the rights of protesters during the Republican National Convention. The documentary “Keep Free Speech Free at the RNC” begins airing this week in all five boroughs in New York City and on Long Island during the days leading up to the Republican National Convention.

“This documentary is an important resource for anyone who values freedom of speech and expression,” said Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the NYCLU. “It also represents the culmination of many NYCLU activities in protecting peaceful protest during the RNC. The goal of the documentary is to inform New Yorkers of their rights to protest and of opportunities to exercise them during the Convention.”

In the film, civil liberties advocates recall recent struggles with the City in support of peaceful protest. Organizers also tell viewers when and where they can go for various demonstrations and rallies. Attorneys offer legal tips for protesters about their First Amendment rights and remind them where to go for help should they encounter any difficulty with law enforcement. Experts also urge them to report any police misconduct to the NYCLU and to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.

The documentary also points viewers to frequently updated sources of information regarding planned RNC protests and other First Amendment activity during the Convention.

“Keeping Free Speech Free at the RNC” will air on Manhattan Neighborhood Network this week and has already aired on Brooklyn’s cable access channel BCAT. In the next few weeks it will be shown on Staten Island’s CTV, Bronxnet and Long Island Cablevision. It is also showing periodically on the Free Speech Television channel of the Dish Network.

Veteran filmmaker and NYCLU staffer Ada Gay Griffin produced the documentary in conjunction with Third World Media.

A schedule of TV airings is available at

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