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NYCLU Argues Against NYC’s Lawsuit Against TX Bus Companies Transporting Immigrants 

NEW YORK CITY – At today’s hearing on New York City’s lawsuit against the bus companies that Texas Governor Greg Abbott hired to transport new arrivals to the city, the court granted the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) the ability to appear as amicus curiae, or “friend of the court,” on the unconstitutionality of Mayor Adams’ actions and participate in future arguments in the case.

“It’s just as unconstitutional for Mayor Adams to try and turn away immigrants arriving to the city as it was for Governor Greg Abbott to eject them from Texas,” said NYCLU Senior Staff Attorney Beth Haroules. “People in the United States have the right to freely travel and reside in any state, regardless of citizenship or income.

“The antiquated law that Mayor Adams’ entire argument rests on was passed as a way to ban vulnerable people from New York. Our city has a proud legacy of offering refuge to immigrants and the resources to make it happen — our leaders should focus on welcoming our newest neighbors.”

This decision follows the NYCLU’s recent filing of an amicus brief in the case which condemns this unconstitutional attack on arriving immigrants’ right to interstate travel and the City’s invocation of an obsolete, immoral statute called “public charge” in order to exclude immigrants. The brief demonstrates that Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Abbott are using the same unlawful, hypocritical tactics of cherry- picking when to acknowledge immigrants’ interstate travel rights as a means of bolstering their own political agendas.

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