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NYCLU Comment on Legislation Allowing Immigrant Parents to Designate Guardians if Detained

Family Separation Day of Action
Family Separation Day of Action
New York City – Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation today that allows immigrant parents detained in New York to designate guardians for their children. The legislation consists of the Standby Guardian Bill (A.7899/S.6217), which allows parents to authorize a guardian whose authorities are triggered when a child is separated from a parent, and the Temporary Caretaker Bill (A.7905/S.6016), which allows families to designate a caretaker for up to 12 months. 
New York Civil Liberties Union Executive Director Donna Lieberman offered the following comment in response:
“The trauma and viciousness of family separation is unspeakable. Children deserve to be cared for by a guardian chosen by their families, and they shouldn’t have to face immigration proceedings without an adult at their side. With these bills, New York strengthens a crucial lifeline for kids caught in the clutches of the Trump regime’s cruel agenda. This legislation shows our state’s commitment to finding ways to insulate New Yorkers from the wanton cruelty of the president and his cronies. We know that the Trump regime will try to exploit every possible hole in New York’s safety net. We will continue working with the governor and lawmakers to close these gaps.”
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