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NYCLU Praises Decision To Authorize Peace March

The NYCLU today praised the city decision to grant a permit for the anti-war march on March 22.

Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of the NYCLU, commented on the decision: “It should not be newsworthy when the City grants a permit for a peace march. But, it is, because the City refused to grant a permit for the peace march on February 15. And this is certainly a victory for free speech. We hope this marks an end to the city’s ban on political protest marches.”

She added, “The NYCLU will continue to press the City to reexamine its approach to demonstrations. Instead of treating peaceful demonstrations as hostile and dangerous threats to be contained as much as possible, the NYPD should do what it can to facilitate expressive activity.”

“The City should abandon the Giuliani era policies that herd demonstrators in dangerous and restrictive pens that severely curtail free speech and have a chilling effect on protest activity.

“Issuing a permit for this march is a first step in returning the First Amendment to New York City, and the NYCLU will be monitoring the City’s handling of this and future demonstrations.”

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