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NYCLU Statement on Failure of Constitutional Convention Proposal

Constitutional Convention

New York voters today decided against holding a state constitutional convention in 2019. The New York Civil Liberties Union firmly opposed a convention because of the risks it posed to state constitutional rights and protections.

The following statement is attributable to NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman:

“Tonight, New Yorkers wisely rejected the proposal to convene a state constitutional convention. A con-con would have made our state’s hard-won constitutional rights and protections vulnerable to ‘repeal and replace’ at a time when the Trump administration threatens our rights and civil liberties.

 “The issues raised by New Yorkers on both sides of the con-con debate must not be ignored, however. Both sides recognized serious flaws in the state of New York’s democracy – most significantly the pervasive gerrymandering that turns our elections into rubber stamps for Albany incumbents. The NYCLU will continue to press for fair, publicly-financed elections and meaningful voting reform. New York must be a sanctuary in the Trump era, a place where democracy flourishes.”

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