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NYCLU Statement on Panel Report on NYPD Disciplinary Process


NEW YORK – Today, an independent panel comprised of two former U.S. attorneys and a former federal judge, released a report outlining its findings and recommendations related to the NYPD’s internal disciplinary process. 

The report confirms issues within the NYPD that the NYCLU has raised for years, including the lack of transparency in the NYPD’s disciplinary process, the Commissioner’s complete authority over individual cases, systemic internal favoritism, and long delays in resolving disciplinary cases. 

The NYCLU welcomes the panel’s report, agrees with many of its recommendations, and released the following statement from Executive Director Donna Lieberman and Legal Director Christopher Dunn. 

“This report should serve as a wake-up call to the De Blasio administration that the NYPD cannot continue to run a secret disciplinary system that prevents the public from learning important information about the people sworn to protect them, said Executive Director Donna Lieberman. “Meaningful accountability requires real transparency and real consequences.” 

“The message from the report is loud and clear: the secrecy surrounding the NYPD’s disciplinary system must end. And the first step is to repeal the state law that hides police discipline from public view,” said Legal Director Christopher Dunn.  “Considering the expertise of the panel, the report’s critique of the lack of transparency within the disciplinary process should not be ignored.”  

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