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NYCLU Statement on Ruling to Weaken Rochester Police Accountability Board


A State Supreme Court Judge granted an injunction that halts the ability of the newly formed Rochester Police Accountability Board from disciplining police officers involved in misconduct. 

In response to the ruling, the NYCLU released the following statement from Genesee Valley Chapter Director, Iman Abid:  

“Yesterday’s decision to significantly weaken the Rochester Police Accountability Board flies in the face of the thousands of voters who demanded that the years of abuse and lack of transparency from the department come to an end. For years, residents of Rochester, particularly those of color, have had to sit and watch as police officers harass,  harm, and kill their friends and loved ones, only to get a slap on the wrist and evade all forms of accountability.  To create better relationships between the police and communities, the city must undo the harms of the continued over policing of neighborhoods and allow the board to function as voters intended. Police departments have operated in the dark for far too long, and it’s past time that we shine a light on their discipline practices.” 

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