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At NYCLU’s Urging, NYPD Withdraws Proposal To Require Permits For More Demonstrations

The New York Civil Liberties Union today applauded the New York City Police Department’s announcement that it would drop a proposal to require police permits for a wide range of public events and protests that have never before required police permission.

The NYPD proposal would have required police permits for every sidewalk procession involving 35 or more people, every roadway procession with 20 or more vehicles or bicycles, and every procession of two or more people using a roadway “in a manner that does not comply with all applicable traffic laws, rules and regulations.” The NYCLU pressured the NYPD to reconsider, arguing that such requirements would obstruct the practice of free speech on New York City streets.

The NYCLU remains concerned about the possibility that the police would try to require permits for lawful bike-riding or protest, and it will continue to monitor proposed NYPD regulations in the future.

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