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Police Accused of Ignoring Law on Sealing Stop-and-Frisk Records

To the New York Police Department, its database of people who have been stopped and frisked is an invaluable tool, providing quick access to information that it says can help solve crimes and save lives…The New York Civil Liberties Union sued the city and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly on Wednesday to address one small portion of that database, seeking to halt the police from keeping information on those who were arrested as a result of street stops but later cleared of criminal charges or fined for a noncriminal violation…The second plaintiff, Clive Lino, 29, who is black and works with special-needs children, said he had been stopped at least 13 times since 2008. At least some of those interactions led to summonses or violations that have since been dismissed or disposed of through a fine, and thus are “entirely sealable,” said Christopher T. Dunn, the civil liberties group’s associate legal director.
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