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Proposed Changes To HIV Reporting Regulations Raises Civil Liberties Concerns, Warns NYCLU

NYCLU and ACLU sent a letter to the New York State Department of Health (DOH) describing the civil liberties concerns raised by the proposed amendment to the HIV reporting regulations.

The proposed regulations would expand mandatory reporting requirements to include highly personal information, violating New York Public Health Law as well as the State and federal Constitutions. The proposed regulations also fail to correct the shortcomings of the State’s HIV consent form, currently in use, which: (1) does not specify to what tests or to whom a patient grants consent; and (2) claims to serve as a “one-time-for-all” consent for future tests. NYCLU and ACLU call upon DOH to adhere to the law and establish safeguards for patient privacy.

Finally, the letter urges DOH to schedule public meetings throughout New York State so that community stakeholders can provide meaningful input on this important issue.

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